The vision of Twinfish Webdesign: a good website doesn't have to be expensive!
That is why I offer you the possibility to create a wide range for a inexpensive rate.

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Which services can Twinfish Webdesign offer you?

Twinfish Design guides you on the track from the first ideas and sketches to the final realization and launching the website.

You would like to increase your range, but you don't know how. The first step is already been taken: you ended up at Twinfish Webdesign. But there are more things to take care of.

The registration of a domain name

You want to stand out on internet and, besides a nice website, the use of distinct domain name is just as important.
The form of a distinct domain name used the most on the internet, is to use the company name. But, how do I arrange the application of a domain name? At this point Twinfish Webdesign can lend you a helping hand.

Arranging of web space

The domain name is fixed and we'll take it to the next step: arranging of the web space. This is server space we use to place the website, after completing it. Often, the companies where you can registrer the domain name also offer the possibility to registrer web space. That is why it is important that, besides the distinct domain name, you also know how much web space is needed. Are you only using the website for showing some images, then the smallest package of web space is sufficiant. Do you want to show videos, then it would be smart to look for more web space. The companies often offer the possibility to extend e.g. the basic amount of web space to a bigger package in a later stage.
Important to know: to build a website with Joomla!, it is necessary that the web host supports MySQL. Of course I will look at the details of the possible web space packages.

The actual realization of the website

Are the domain name and the web space fixed, then we take it to the next step: the actual build of the website. During the build, I will place a temperarely page on the domain which says that we are building a new website. In the mean while, I will build the website on the background and after the website is completed and approved, the website goes online.

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